We work as agents for Zanchetta Alimentos Ltda. and their brand Alliz, which owns a  slaughterhouse allowed to export into Europe, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Chile, and also having Halal and Green Feed certifications. They produce whole chicken and chicken cuts on their modern plant, located in Boituva (state of São Paulo).

Our main markets are the Middle East countries, as well as Russia, Europe, West Africa, Far East countries, Caribbean countries and Cuba, where we work in a continuous way since the beginning of our activities.

We also have a partnership with Vibra group, owner of Nat and Avia brands, also approved to the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, with Halal and Green Feed certifications.

Another chicken company we represent is Nicolini, from Rio Grande do Sul state, with their brands Saada, Nicolini and Walima, developing business to both whole chicken and chicken cuts.

Besides that, we also search for suppliers according to the many requests we have from our foreign clients.



We work for many slaughterhouses in Brazil and specially for Matadero Rosario, located in Uruguay and allowed to export into Europe, Russia, Middle East, Saudi Arabia and China, certified as Halal and Green Feed.


As well as for beef meat, we also develop sheep and lamb businesses for Matadero Rosario, which also in this segment is allowed to export into Europe, Russia, Middle East, Saudi Arabia and China, certified as Halal and Green Feed.

Processed items and canned meats

We are export agents for Oderich SA, located in São Sebastião do Caí (state of Rio Grande do Sul), being the oldest canned meat producer in Brazil, with over 100 years of experience and exporting their products to over 50 countries around the globe.

They produce corned beef, chicken and beef luncheon meat, tushonka, sausages and hot dogs, amongst other items, as well as canned vegetables and fruit, mayonnaise, mustard and tomato products with Oderich brand. They also offer the possibility of developing products under the importer's brand.

Fitotrade's developments with Oderich include products from many lines such as meat, vegetables, tomato products and sauces. Below, some of these items are listed:

Meat balls
Bean stew
Ham meat
Vienna sausage
Tomato extract
Tomato sauce
Standard mustard
Spicy mustard
Various spices

Homemade beans
Homemade cucumber
German sauerkraut
Pea and Green corn
Green corn
Bittersweet cucumber
Vinager Onions
Corn cream
White bean
Vegetables post-stew
Standard cucumber
Mixed vegetables


To access the complete product list from Oderich, click here.